Vendor Audit Training

Water Hauling

Virtual | April 6, 2021

10AM - 2PM CST

Water Hauling Audit Training


The OGVR is excited to offer our water hauling vendor audit training course.  This four-part course will be a deeper dive than our traditional OGVR


  • Parts 1 -2 (Audit Training)

    • Led by Bill Anderson (Concho) and Markley Ward (AMS-PAR). Objectives include:

      • Conduct a basic water hauling audit

      • Learn how to prepare for an audit

      • Gain the ability to conduct fieldwork

      • Learn reporting and resolution considerations


  • Part 3 (Water Hauling - Operator)

    • David Hussleman (Concho's Production Superintendent) will walk you through water production and disposal from an operator's perspective. 

    • David will share a short presentation allowing for your questions and comments


  • Part 4 (Water Hauling - Vendor)

    • Using your questions, we will be presenting a pre-recorded Q&A session from a vendor's point of view. 

    • This will be a unique opportunity to hear about water hauling from the vendor's point of view.

    • Our guests for this session are the owners of Agave Transportation Services.


Register soon and submit a question for our Vendor Q&A session.

Cost: $20 per person. 

Date: April 6, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM CST

CPEs: Earn up to 3 CPEs