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OGVR Fall 2020 Roundtable

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  • Marc Tasse, University of Ottawa - "Internal Structures: Identifying and Dealing with Red Flags"

  • Jason Mefford - cRisk Academy - "The Future of Audit in a Risky World"

  • Olga Sirovatco - Whiting - "Know Your Vendor or Pay the Price"

  • Kevin Guy - Armanino - Vendor Audit Case Study

  • Markley Ward & Chris Watkins- AMS-PAR - "Keeping the Wheels On: How to Best Work with Trucking Companies to Perform Compliance Testing"

  • Camille Gerard, Risk Management Consulting - "Update on the OGVR Content Development Committee Overview"

  • Rob Ratchinsky - Engage - "Data Validation & Smart Contracts:  How to Position Yourself for Change"

  • Lee Steinke - Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists - "Turning Unturned Stones:  Illuminating the Slightly Unusual Relationship Between Geoscientists and Their Vendors"


This Fall's Expert Panel includes the following:

  • Mandy Fuller - Devon Energy - Directory, Internal Audit

  • Shawn Duthie - Inyani Intelligence - Managing Director

  • Bob Rapp - The Rapp Law Firm - Employment Lawyer

  • Dave Savelle - Enverus - General Manager, Field Tickets

  • Lucas Vaughn - Matador Resources, Auditor


Registration is free if you work for an upstream, midstream, or downstream Operator. If you do not work for an Operator, there is $45 per-person fee to help offset administrative costs.


Operators, your registration is free because of the generosity of our Sponsors. Please thank them by visiting their websites:

Once registered, additional details for logging into the webinar will provided closer to the date of the event.