Vendor Roundtable

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Construction Vendor Roundtable


What is the CVR?

The vision for the Vendor Roundtable has always been to create a forum for operators in an industry to define and share best practices around vendor management. As business and projects become more complex, it is increasingly clear the "lowest bid" means nothing if risk factors such as timing, safety, reliability, and waste management are not also carefully managed.


Today, best practice requires coordination and teamwork between vendors and operators across multiple categories throughout the entire project lifecycle. Additionally, while new technologies offer great potential for increased efficiency, careful coordination with experienced, proven partners is required in order to maximize the value of technological advances. Creating a forum to share successes and build these partnerships is the defining purpose of the Construction Vendor Roundtable.

About Rick Roybal - CVR President

Rick has worked for 10 years in vendor-customer management and relationship across multiple industries including manufacturing, technology, financial services, and oil & gas.  It was out of this experience that the concept of a vendor roundtable was born.  Started by Rick in 2014, it was originally an informal forum for operators within an industry to share best practices around vendor management.  It quickly became clear that including suppliers, service providers and other vendors elevated the value of the discussion and changed the dynamic from one of simply supplier cost management to one of partnership to optimize total value around best practices.  Rick continues to lead and facilitate these roundtables in-person and, since the quarantine, via Zoom.