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How Did it begin?

The Oil & Gas Vendor Roundtable is the world's largest oil & gas vendor risk management organization. Our 400 members' number-one goal is to collaborate on vendor management best practices. Today, best practice requires coordination and teamwork between vendors and operators across multiple categories throughout the entire project lifecycle. Additionally, while new technologies offer great potential for increased efficiency, careful coordination with experienced, proven partners is required in order to maximize the value of technological advances. Creating a forum to share successes and build these partnerships is the defining purpose of the Oil & Gas Vendor Roundtable.

Our semi-annual meetings bring together experts in the field to help train and develop our members.

OGVR Mission

Our mission is to provide a discussion platform to facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge exchange for oil and gas vendor risk management professionals who are exploring, analyzing, and collaborating on current themes, issues, and best practices.


Content Development Committee

The goal of the Content Development Committee is to establish and maintain a repository of standardized templates, guidelines, and applicable documented resources to promote the field of oil and gas vendor risk management and assist members of the Oil & Gas Vendor Roundtable organization. The Committee is made up of operators, as well as audit and consulting firms.


Advisory Board

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How did the organization begin?

Rick Roybal has worked for over 15 years in vendor-customer management and relationship across multiple industries including manufacturing, technology, financial services, and oil & gas.  It was out of this experience that the concept of a vendor roundtable was born.  Started by Rick in 2014, it was originally an informal forum for operators within an industry to share best practices around vendor management.  It quickly became clear that including suppliers, service providers and other vendors elevated the value of the discussion and changed the dynamic from one of simply supplier cost management to one of partnership to optimize total value around best practices. 


Today, the organization has over 400 members benefiting from this exchange. Members come from over 50 upstream, midstream, and downstream companies. The Roundtable members represent internal audit, compliance, security, supply chain, and accounting departments. The group also richly benefits from the many consulting groups, public accounting firms, vendors, and contractors. Collectively, we make up the Oil and Gas Vendor Roundtable.